Dragon Eye Lake

The Dragon's eye is located on the Gradina peninsula in Rogoznica, opposite the Soline bay, where the famous Frapa marina is located. The lakse is filled with salt water and is deeply cut into the rocks covered with lower vegetation. It is connected to the sea by the Dragon's ear cave. The cave is bigger and deeper that the lake itself, and its opening can be seen on the surface of the water.

One legend says that the lake was formed by the fall of a meteorite, which justifies the regular eliptical shape of the lake.

According to another legened, two brothers shared an inheritance, and one brother cursed the other with words: „if you didn't share it fairly, let everything turn into a lake“.

The third legend says that the Murin Dragon, the illegitimate son of Hera and Poseidon, ruled the polis of Herakles. He protected the inhabitants from invaders and robbers and every year on the longest day, they had to give him the most beautiful wife. One day Aristoles appeared. He fell in love with a girl who was to become the wife of a terrible dragon the next day. Aristoles killed the dragon with a spear forged by the mighty goddess Athena with the help of Hephaestus and moon dust. The dragon Murin clawed out his own eyes as he died. He threw one eye far beyond Mljet, and the other slipped under his feet and melted the stone. The sea poured into the hollow of the stone and a lake was formed, which is why it got the name Dragon's eye.

The happy ending of this legend awakened in the people the belief that every couple in love who bathe together in the Dragon's eye will be eternally happy, in love and loved.

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